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Terms And Conditions For Use Of Credential

This credential (“Credential”) is issued solely to provide access to certain restricted stadium areas to an individual (“Bearer”) with a legitimate working function at a 2020 Mexican National Team Tour match, as determined by Soccer United Marketing, LLC (“SUM”).


Use of this Credential by the Bearer constitutes the Bearer’s agreement and the agreement of the Bearer’s employer to the terms stated below. Compliance with these terms is a condition of all uses permitted by this Credential. Any unauthorized use of this Credential or violation of any term of this Credential automatically and immediately revokes all permissions granted in this Credential and subjects the Bearer to ejection from the stadium and possible prosecution for criminal trespass and may subject his or her employer to revocation of credentials for future SUM events and games. This Credential must be surrendered upon demand by SUM, including MLS Operations and stadium security.

Credential Use

This Credential is issued solely to provide stadium access to an individual with a legitimate working function at a game involving a member of SUM, solely to perform such function. The Bearer must be on a specific assignment as an employee or agent for the organization to which this Credential is issued. If the Bearer ceases to be an employee or agent for that organization, this Credential is hereby automatically revoked. It is forbidden to lend, sell or otherwise transfer this Credential, including to post or otherwise distribute any photograph or other depiction of this Credential on any mobile or social networking/media platform, any other website or in any other media now existing or invented in the future.

Permitted Use of SUM Events

The Bearer’s right to film, tape, photograph or create other recordings, broadcasts, descriptions, accounts or other publications or reports pursuant to this Credential (“SUM Material”) is conditioned upon compliance with the terms of this Credential. Creating, reproduction, transmission, distribution, sale, or other use of SUM Material in any and all media, including any mobile or social networking/media platform, now existing or invented in the future (“Media Uses”) of SUM games, including excerpts thereof, or other occurrences at the stadium or at other venues controlled by SUM (collectively, “SUM Events”) is limited to current news coverage by accredited organizations in the ordinary course of their business. Television and radio stations may make Media Uses of SUM Events or excerpts thereof only pursuant to SUM’s news access guidelines, receipt of which is hereby acknowledged by such stations. These permissions may be revoked at any time by SUM. Any other Media Uses of SUM Events, including without limitation, books, motion pictures, posters, interactive products, advertising, marketing, promotional contests, sweepstakes or other trade or merchandising uses, or in any form of media whether now or hereafter known requires the prior specific written agreement of SUM.


The rights to any Media Use or any other use of SUM Material or SUM Events, including without limitation, all copyright, trademark and other property or ownership rights in SUM Events and in any Media Uses thereof, are reserved to and shall remain the sole property of SUM, except to the extent of any rights expressly conferred by this Credential or by written agreement of SUM.

Release of Liability

The Bearer of this Credential and his or her employer assume all risk and danger of personal injury and all other hazards arising from or related in any way to stadium access, and agree to indemnify and hold harmless SUM, its member teams, other agents and employees from and against all liability, loss, damages or expense resulting from or arising out of the Bearer’s presence at the stadium.


The Bearer grants permission to SUM and its licensees to use the Bearer’s image, likeness, actions and statements, in perpetuity, in any Media Use relating to any SUM Event in any context for any purpose, including commercial or promotional purposes, without further authorization from or compensation to the Bearer.

Security Check

The Bearer consents to allowing SUM to inspect Bearer’s person and any bags, clothing, or other articles for security purposes, whether by walk-through metal detection, handheld metal detection, bag checks or otherwise, and acknowledges and agrees that Bearer may be denied entry to or ejected from any SUM Event if Bearer is in possession of any item or object that SUM considers potentially dangerous, hazardous, inappropriate and/or injurious to other patrons or participants, and any prohibited items may be confiscated. Bearer consents to security searches and/or screening of Bearer and waives any claims that Bearer might have against SUM.

No Personal Use

Credential Bearers may not request autographs, take non-work related photographs or make any other personal use of this Credential or the stadium access conferred by this Credential.